Zirm Souvenir

PICUS.NICE TRIP - the little lucky charm made of Swiss pine
for on the go

How to use it

Be it in your car, a suitcase or in your hotel room... you can now always take the pleasant, aromatic and soothing scent of the Swiss pine with you!

  • Travelling by car – the aromatic scent soothes your nerves and helps you stay calm in traffic jams.
  • In your suitcase – the little lucky charm makes contents smell good and keeps moths away.
  • On business trips or on holiday – the soothing scent of the wood is always with you and will immediately make you feel at home – wherever you are. If the scent fades, sprinkle some drops of essential stone-pine oil on the wooden lucky charm.

The scent of Swiss pine has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system, soothes your nerves and helps you get a good night’s sleep. The scent keeps moths away. Simply put some drops of essential stone pine oil on the wooden lucky charm to refresh the scent – again and again.


  • Despar Eppacher, Bahnhofstraße 1, 39039 Niederdorf
  • Bergila, Weiherplatz 8, 39030 Issing Pfalzen
  • Biovita Hotel Alpi, Alpe Nemes Straße 5, 39030 Sexten
  • Online ordering: delivery costs are charged separately.

Pure nature, hand made. 100 % natural, solid Swiss pine. Idea and design by Renate Degasper Kamelger.
Price: € 26,00 / Piece, including 1 phial of essential stone-pine oil "Bergila".

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